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Are you answering the call of your intuition?

There's this common theme buzzing around me: people wanting answers of how to 'fix' themselves or access this golden ticket to the direct line to the intuition call centre..

  • You're not broken!

  • You already know the answers! Who else knows your soul and its language better than you?

  • Why are you seeking externally for an internal feeling, trusting or knowing ?

Lastly... why do we need 3 different people to tell us something 3 x to listen at 3 diff volumes?

I get it, this has been me demanding louder and louder signs and more and more of them. It became a game at one point to see how loud of a sign I could get -- it does work to be fair, but it caused me overstaying, missing out on time in joy and flow, building and strengthening my intuition & connection to soul.

What I've learned:

There's so much juicy magic and fun in the subtle layers of intuition. What if you answered on the first ring when your team dialled you up?

What does the first ring sound like?

SUBTLE if you're listening for a church bell. Subtle like the mouse scurrying about the church while the bell is going off subtle.

Is it a pit in the stomach or an expansion of the heart space? Is it a heat or cooling feeling? Is it seeing repeating numbers, or a 'random' thought about someone? What IF you didn't google, or reach out to your nearest number or spirituality pro and just asked yourself, your inner wisdom, your own soul & connection to universal language of love?

What if you let your body show you even in its subtleties and leaned into that with trust, immediately?

What if you didn't allow time for words or logic mind to add clutter and words to justify or cloud clear knowing and trust? What IF you just lean in to the first ring detached, not even giving time to think about what words or signs, feelings may be experienced once you pick up the call?

It takes trust to lean into the first signs... but this is the power and potency in intuition. This is clarity, access to pure life force & perhaps this is the most direct number you have to the other side... perhaps its not through the extension # to the call centre of mediums (cards, psychics, prayers, pendulums, other peoples opinions and intuitions that may or may not be clouded by their own patterns, beliefs and personal triggers.)

I've recently been playing the game of subtleties of the universe, subtleties of my own intuition and how energy and my own energy & team connects with me... WOW.

Have you been feeling cluttered, foggy, weighted & doubting of your own choices lately? What I've noticed is the more I wait for louder signs from myself or the universe to take action, the more I backlog and clutter up the direct line with static & doubt. Each step away from these subtleties I take, the more I instantly doubt my ability to make decisions and trust them, and it becomes a quick snowball down the hill to calling others and asking for opinions that I know will support my own logic, 10 tarot readings and then throwing out all sorts of cords and attachments to outcomes and people. Gripping, grasping, oh my it feels ICK ICK ICK!

Stepping back to the basics, leading and expanding from heart and stripping away every attachment, every cord, and asking for total surrender into abundance in all ways and what is for everyones highest good regardless of my panicky ego & mind voice has invited in space, creativity, gratitude and love on what feels like a whole new dimension.

This creates trust in self & tuning into the silent ring tones.

Go ahead and don't just listen to the first ring, but pick up the phone.

I've been stepping into leading people into ease and seeing how EASY life CAN be if we are following our soul purpose & trusting the soul over our sometimes scared and sticky human. By showing this to people, showing them that they don't *always* have to have a giant breakdown and tear apart of their life to get where they want to be, it seems they come back months later to tell me they had an epiphany on the same situation we'd discussed earlier. When I ask if that was the same thing I told them they agree... but they often needed a louder or more repetitions of the same voice or answer.

While this is sometimes the case -- or perhaps someone else says something in a way that speaks to the right part of us... maybe even reminding us of the first sign here's my proposition...

WHAT if we started leaning into the first nudge, call, voice, dream, inkling whatever it is... you just might save yourself some time and gain some extra joy!

The biggest lesson in intuitive development: Don't overthink it, trust the message is there for a reason and move forward with & inviting in ease.

I teach this in Ignite YOU and with all private clients on a deeper level simply because it is a big part of the foundation of living the life you were born for.


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