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Fiery Summer Ramblings

In Chinese Medicine (TCM) school they talk non stop about treating the root, not just the branch when addressing clients. Further, when its important to address the branch before the root ( you come in with a fever or sore throat and also have a compromised immune system — let’s get rid of the screaming branch and we’ll get to the immune system later so we don’t add fire to fire.)

I love how TCM theories can go beyond the body and be applied to nature, life & quantum physics — and now I love to dig into the emotions and use the root-branch analogy. If my angry outburst is the branch, can I find the physical imbalance but also the trigger, the fear, then the core belief underneath & uproot that in the same way we treat physical pain with Acupuncture. If your Rhomboid is tight and I only treat your rhomboid…. The jury is out, but I’d guess 90% of the time you’ll be back complaining of pain in other areas of the shoulder or pec, but ALSO there’s likely an emotional component that the tissue is holding on to. This has become my approach to fertility, pregnancy inductions, honestly 100% of the time I now tell myself A) where you think the problem is it Aint (Ida Rolf.) B) There IS an emotional component if this pain is recurring on top off the structural imbalance or repetitive use or environmental factors. I freaking love how every organ has an emotion, time of day, element, season and so on attached to it. I thought TCM school was the real Meat & potatoes to understanding life but it was really just scratching the surface to where life was supposed to take me.

If you would have told me 10 years ago I would be here, in this energetic world talking about woo and feelings & shifting pain, mindset & energy without needles & accessing the subconscious & connecting people to their highest self I would have LAUGHED in your face! And then said something really crude to you as well.

My education started in Engineering, albeit was never a good fit for me and I hated or drank my way through most of those years. I remember thinking anyone who wasn’t taking a Science degree was selling themselves short. I look back now and see exactly why I had to walk the path I did… as is always the case in retrospect.

Even after TCM graduation I was determined to put evidence and scientific anecdotes to every thing I did and said and find the most proven, well known teachers to learn under. While I’m super grateful for all of my training it left me exhausted and unfulfilled — I’m putting needles in people, making muscles twitch, helping them relax … but there’s something missing? I’m proving myself to others and they’re asking me to show them the studies to make them believe in what I do & KNOW works when #science was a few thousand years behind stamping their mark of approval on what so many already knew worked. Letting go and trusting myself & my ‘gut’ is and likely will always be the hardest thing I’m continually doing but it’s also the most fulfilling and freeing. In short : You’re not here to prove yourself to anyone but you, you’re not here to save the world single handedly by overworking or convince everyone around you of your beliefs. And just to keep things spicy…. Science changes, research is done on what it’s funded to be done on & is not always first to show up at the game. #notsorry I respect those who devote their life to research and furthering the world of Science — truly I do! This path is not for me as Engineering school screamed in my face.

In my HUMBLE & lengthy unraveling I had to find compassion, I had to find the deeper truths, I had to sit still long enough to find myself & not the hard shell protecting my truth and flaws I was holding in my super unhappy/healthy body… so that I could heal & own all of myself so that I could go on to hold that same container for others to explore.

I would spend more time researching cancer fighting foods & raw vegan weird shit than engineering any day of the week in University… I knew then something was pulling me, but I wasn’t ready for the rabbit hole or to be the black sheep. Even now I wonder how I’ll be perceived with every step into the abyss I take but here’s the thing... If I don’t allow myself to live to my full potential & biggest calling I can’t help the people I’m supposed to be. If you ignore the gut feeling and the nudge calling you — how much are you willing to regret or hold out on yourself?

I am a shy introvert in my truest nature, love to be 1:1 and mostly with dogs over humans. My least fav thing would be the idea of talking in public, or sharing my life in public or teaching. But somehow I am SO lit up and excited and have spent 10x more time and energy on my new course then I imagined but life has a funny way of pulling you into your fears and then blowing them UP in order to help others see what’s possible & already inside of them.

Go get the dreams. Go do the things. Whether it's with me alongside you or not I realllly dont care, I just want you to live your passion, live your JOY, all of those tiny subtle nudges and hints ARE the yellow brick road home!

Xo, Krystal

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