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Love over Fear

When things get scary or uncomfortable do you feel your body contract…

Or expand into deeper trust & love?

I spent so many years literally curling my shoulders in to protect my heart anytime anything got uncomfortable, contracting and succumbing to my fears and remaining small and voiceless in a known space, or speaking from a place of anger and sharpness, blame before softening into love for self & others.

I’ve been having many conversations with people seeking for the perfect course, the perfect partner, perfect job that will be ‘the thing’ lately, the perfect adjunct to help them ‘stand out from competition.

While knowledge is power and that CAN be great when it feels aligned, its kind of scarce, contracting, fear based mindset that’s still running the show and grasping to keep us small.

My answer always seems so cliche and simple but I’ll never stop saying it — crack your heart open and don’t let it close.

Just keep expanding it, and follow the trail that your heart pulls you one tiny tug at a time.

Compete with your competition, not against your competition came up on my run today.

The more the heart opens, the more it can’t go back & yet the more vulnerable it gets to share that with more and more people & cheer them on when you feel that tug wanting to close in.

Whenever I ask myself why I do what I do, why I have to move my practice into mentorship and packages when its uncomfortable and FEAR worries about opinions I remind myself of this… would you rather be here in this discomfort, or would you rather go back to a life of contraction, fear, scarcity & blame.

I get to witness & hold space for others to open their heart, truly OPEN, and see the world shift around them in such a profound way, and while it can happen in one session, the life transformation that the Ignited heart unravels with the right tools doesn’t happen in one session.

It lights me up to get to mentor people into a deeper journey into themselves where fear no longer has anything to grasp onto. That’s magic !!

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