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The outdated Ideal client

I found this while decluttering this week.... I wrote this without realizing 2 years ago how stuck I was, realizing this lady was me, but she was still overcomplicating life, still playing small, still squashing and cluttering her dreams.

This is the power of constantly checking in. and revising our ideal client & who we want to work with or be friends with. If you're work or life is feeling heavy, sticky, lack lustre in any way I suggest you sit down and get clear on the friends, partners, co-workers, clients you desire to pull into your world. Shortly after this I started attracting exactly this girl as clients and friends.... it took calling them in to realize I didn't want to be that woman anymore, and I wanted to simplify it, and work with women who also wanted to simplify it. Here you have it ... Krystal circa early 2021 sitting in her condo meditating and strongly calling in a new chapter.

Ideal Client Avatar

My ideal client is between 32-36 years old, she is a busy single (or contemplating breaking into singledom) female driven by career, money and the fast lane. She’s up at 5am and off to yoga, or out for a run with her dog.

She meditates daily, or dreams of it. She likes the spiritual life but isn’t sure how to fully understand or dive into it. She’s looking for more, she can do it all but is tired of doing it all. She’s succeeded at all of her past goals and checked all the boxes but can’t seem to meet her person, despite everyone around her telling her how great she is. She’s done with superficial relationships, and isn’t willing to settle which has led her to being where she thought she would never be, single in her 30s with no prospects that light her up even a tiny bit. Everyone at work asks if she has a relationship because they assume she can’t, she has no time for one and she’s slightly intimidating.

Her job has tapped out, and she’s hit the ceiling of growth. Her income is over $120,000/yr. The box is getting too small. She’s got money, motivation and a lot of fire but she hasn’t figured out how to channel or trust that Feist and fuel and gut feeling yet. There’s 20 great ideas in front of her that she created while she was supposed to be thoughtless and resting in savasana, and she hasn’t found the one in full alignment or the strength to light the box on fire and start walking the new path of alignment or trust and surrender yet.

She sips her tea, pets her dog and begrudgingly puts her work clothes on last minute as she sings to zen Trevor Hall as she dreams of her person, California related songs, or Boss bitch — its a daily toss up. She rushes out the door, oops still hates cooking for one so skip the dishes it will be, she’ll pick something healthyish and probably meet up with one of her flourishing friend groupies for appies after work. She pulls up to work just a minute early as a pit falls in her stomach once again, walking through those doors where she gives her clients and work all the energy she has and yet low key holds it against them that everyone around her is having regular boundaries, sex and waking up next to someone. She searches for flights to ocean sunsets every break she has, and wonders how long she can book off without her boss verbalizing anything.

Between pep talks w friends or clients, work and her exercise routine she crushes self help books and podcasts on relationships, independent women, numerology/astrology and horoscope junk, and most compelling — empowering stories of people who became rich and fulfilled from the ground up.

She’s ready to break the box and societal norms, but she’s looking for, waiting for … the perfect catalyst to help her ignite her courage, arrow focus, power and worth which she knows will land her what she’s capable of but blocked herself of thus far — the freedom for her own business that will allow her to travel and make a limitless cash flow, and her perfect human that can not only handle her, but help her in business.

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