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Welcome Home

For years I would cry when a plane would take off Northbound... the severity and duration of the ugly cry and hangover intensified with every flight back to Fort McMurray as my soul longed to stay anywhere else... until today.

Today I set my soul free to stay with me — to not always remain in places that I leaned on for happiness. Today I invited my soul to co create happiness and magic with me wherever I am.

This week I looked at my old life and self with gratitude and love one last time with a fine tooth comb .... I let her go. I stepped into the Krystal who I was always destined to be and become. She’s potent, she’s compassionate, she’s a sensitive giant heart that attracts and expands into this world of synchronicities and creation beyond hers and others wildest dreams. When you’re in it it’s crazy enough that you can’t do anything but believe in magic and all of your dreams. She sees the ocean and craves the sunset when others see days end and a lake. She sees everyone’s potential waiting to be unleashed where she once saw comparison, lack and uncertainty. She’s magic, contagious and she’s got a tribe standing alongside all propelling with swift foreword momentum and one clear destination in mind....

Home. I’ve waited my whole life to come home, and those who know, KNOW. The moment you find home in yourself, life will never be the same. Consistent meditation and embodiment/somatic work landed me here. Looking at a layer with discomfort and knowing that I could sit with the emotions and dis-ease in my own body and widen the window of tolerance over time to hold space for myself.

I’ve laid on many temple tops in China at night, and many beaches… alone… staring at the moon, longing for home. A place I thought I could only find in someone else and some other place. Turns out, I always had me… and that changed everything.

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